Tirawa – Certificate lV Accounting

My name is Tirawa and I am now a Junior Accountant in the Southern Highlands. The funding Hume Coal provided through the Hume Coal Apprenticeship Program, and work by 1300apprentice helped me get an opportunity with what I feel is the best accounting firm in the area. It’s a great way to get a start in a company, as Hume coal covered my wages and gave me a chance to prove myself to the company before they considered taking me on and paying my wages. I am now employed as a full time junior accountant after finishing my Certificate lV Accounting traineeship. I am ever so grateful for the opportunity that the Hume Coal Apprenticeship Program provided me with. I cannot thank Hume coal and 1300apprentice enough for giving me a great start towards a career with a great company. I believe the funding is an awesome idea and truly does help you get your foot in the door with businesses that don’t have an opportunity available. Thank you – Tirawa – Junior Accountant