See what the Proposed Hume Coal Mine will Look Like

Now that the Environmental Impact Statements (EIS) for the Hume Coal Project is on exhibition you can see what the proposed underground mine’s surface infrastructure will look like.

AS part of the EIS the visual effect of the proposal on the Highlands landscape is shown in a series of before-and-after images and video drive-throughs, all available online at

Hume Coal spokesman Ben Fitzsimmons said the images and videos are part of the comprehensive information the company has prepared to coincide with the exhibition of the EIS for community comment.

“We want to make information about our plans as accessible as we can to as many people as we can” he said.

“The website will also host a forum where people can ask questions and share their opinions, as well as obtain the facts about various aspects of the proposal. The first forum, on the visual effects on the Highlands landscape, is now open.”

As well as the online discussion forums Hume Coal will also hold a series of community information sessions about the proposal.

Ben Fitzsimmons said these will be advertised in coming weeks.