Peter Welsh – Signwriter Apprentice, Southern Highland Signs

“I was born in Bowral, both my parents are locals too and have worked as local Dairy Farmers and my mother at the local Hospital.

The Highlands is a very welcoming close knit community and this is what I think it draws a lot of families and retirees to the area. The small community energy I think is what I enjoy most in the highlands, everyone knows each other and works together. We are lucky to have what we have so close to the city and the coast.

The apprenticeship, through Hume Coal, has been a fantastic opportunity for me and my career progression. It has allowed me to gain further education and training, and has supported me in my future goals. Without the funding from Hume Coal it would have made it extremely difficult for me to pursue further education while still living in the Southern Highlands. Hume Coal has given me the opportunity to continue living and working in the Highlands to contribute to the community and small businesses.

I definitely would have left the Highlands for work if not for the funding provided by Hume Coal. I was searching for an avenue to further my skills in the workplace and to gain further qualifications, and there are currently very limited avenues to do so in the area. In the 3 months prior to gaining my apprenticeship, through Hume Coal’s funding, I was in fact working out of the area searching for better working opportunities.

Yes, I have a couple of friends currently travelling out of the area for work and also friends who have been forced to move from the area to seek employment and further training.”