Latest generation locomotives to transport high quality coal from the pit to port

23 June 2017


Hume Coal has detailed in the environmental impact statement that it will use the latest rail locomotives and, in an Australian coal industry first, covered coal wagons to transport the product coal from the mine to port.

Ben Fitzsimmons, company spokesperson said that Hume Coal was well positioned to take advantage of the existing rail infrastructure which linked the region to the coastal port and main rail transport routes.

“Many mine developments would be enviable of our project’s proximity to an existing rail line with adequate capacity and relatively short travel time to the port”

What may be the biggest step in the rail transport of coal is Hume Coal’s commitment to the use of covered coal wagons.

Mr Fitzsimmons said that this was a clear sign of the company’s commitment to the development of a sustainable mining operation, making full use of the technology available to ensure co-existence with existing industry and mitigating the impacts on surrounding environment.

“Trains to transport the coal will mean no trucks using local roads, and minimizing the impacts on the local air quality through the use of brand new rolling stock, lower emission locomotives and covered coal wagons.”

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Ben Fitzsimmons

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