Hume Coal’s response to the Australia Institute’s economic review

19 May 2017


The Greens linked anti-coal lobby group, the Australia Institute has recently published its interim review of the Hume Coal economic assessment.

The Canberra based group claims to have interviewed 14 local business owners within the Southern Highlands. Project Director Greig Duncan said that whilst the critical review of the assessments and studies by community groups and organisations was welcomed, it is a pity to see anti-coal lobby groups such as the Australia Institute continuing to misrepresent the project and mislead our community.

“Mr Campbell’s claims that Hume Coal had not communicated with local businesses is yet another gross mistruth, and belies the fact that Hume Coal has been a contributing member of the Southern Highlands’ business community for the over 6 years.

“During this time Hume Coal has engaged the services of over 100 local businesses and spent more than $50 million on local goods and services. We understand the challenges faced by businesses in the Southern Highlands because we are part of the community.”

Mr Duncan highlighted that Hume Coal supports and encourages local business in our community, through our sponsorship of the Southern Highlands business awards for the past 4 years.

Furthermore, the Australia Institute’s examination of local businesses showed favoritism toward business owners who are associated with the local anti-coal activist groups while the region’s major employers were totally overlooked.

“The Australia Institute has simply once again shone the spotlight on its careless review and assessment methodologies and has continued its baseless campaign against coal mining and development in NSW.”

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Ben Fitzsimmons

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