Will there be any impact on local properties?

Many years of careful planning means we have designed an innovative mine that is sensitive to the environment in which we operate. We want to ensure that landowners can continue with their current land uses, uninterrupted.

Will it cause subsidence (land movement) on or around properties in the mine area?

There will be no land movement impacts on or around properties in the mine area. The low-impact mining system we have designed will provide long-term stability to the overlying ground. About a third of the coal will be extracted. This is a small percentage compared with other mining systems to ensure there are no subsidence impacts.

What will the mine do to water supplies?

We have designed a mining system that will have no long term impact on water. There will be no impacts on town water supplies. It is expected that all water used by the mine will come from either surface water dams or groundwater entitlements owned by Hume Coal. If any landowner has an affected bore, we will work with them to provide an alternative supply for the period during which the bore is affected. This could include deepening the bore, lowering the pump, drilling an alternate bore or supplying water via other means. After a period of time, the groundwater will recover (bounce back) to the pre-mining level.

Will I be able to see the mine or any aspect of its operation?

The underground parts of the mine will be between 70 and 180m below ground. None of the underground mine will be visible whatsoever. Surface infrastructure will be on Hume Coal property located to the north of the exploration license area and west of the Hume Highway and will not be visible from most places.

What is the mine about and when is it happening?

The Hume Coal Project is an environmentally sensitive low-impact underground coal mining project. It uses an innovative mine design to protect the surface and sub-surface from long-term environmental impacts. It is not a long-wall, open cut or coal seam gas mine.

Construction of the mine will follow the Government approvals process, which will take approximately 3 years. The pre-construction phase will take up to 24 months, with construction taking around 3 years and employing 400 people. The mine will create long-term careers in engineering, geology, environmental science, specialist trades, specialist operators, management and administration.

Why are you mining in this area?

The NSW Government has granted us the licence to explore the area on behalf of the people of NSW. We are now submitting our plans to the Government to extract coal in the exploration area and create a long-term industry for the Southern Highlands. The coal we propose to mine is coking or metallurgical coal, which is essential for steelmaking. This is a valuable commodity that is sought after by steel making companies globally to make everyday products.

Where exactly are you mining?

The mine will be located underground in the Sutton Forest area, roughly 10km outside Moss Vale. The surface infrastructure will be located on the western side of the Hume Highway, on Hume Coal property and the underground parts of the mine will extend from the Illawarra Highway in the south to the Belanglo Forest in the west. The underground mine plan avoids the most populated part of the Sutton Forest village.