The facts are clear, mining and tourism already co-exist

07 June 2017


Recent claims by local community groups that the development of the proposed mine will have a negative impact on the local tourism industry are unfounded and misleading.

Hume Coal recently advertised statistics on coal production and tourism visitation rates for the past 10 years for the Hunter Valley and the Central West. Both these areas are large coal producing basins, but also are home to significant tourism industries, hosting millions of visitors each year.

Company spokesperson Ben Fitzsimmons said that the Hunter Valley and Central West which host a combination of open cut and underground coal mines, have seen considerable growth in both their tourism and mining industries over the past decade.

In the past ten years, the Hunter Valley’s coal production has risen 27% whilst, in the same period tourism has risen 43%.

“Both tourism and mining are significant contributors to the economy of the Hunter, but interestingly have not only succeeded in ensuring coexistence, but have thrived through what is clearly a synergetic relationship between the two industries.

“The picture is the same for the Central West, which has seen a boom in its coal industry (increasing by 138%) and the tourism growing 27% in the decade from 2006.”

Hume Coal has always understood the importance of the local tourism industry to the economy of the Southern Highlands and had designed a mine which would not only integrate into the existing landscape, but would co-exist and compliment the Southern Highlands’ tourism.

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Ben Fitzsimmons

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