Hume Coal has made every effort to minimise the visual impact of the project on the local landscape. The majority of the project will take place underground; therefore Hume Coal’s operations will be minimal unlike open cut mines. None of the underground mining operation will be visible whatsoever.

Many years of careful planning means we have designed an innovative mine that is sensitive to the environment in which we operate. We want to ensure that landowners can continue with their current land uses, uninterrupted.

To minimise visual impacts, Hume Coal has taken advantage of the topography and existing tree lines. Careful consideration has been made for the proposed location of the surface facilities and some initial design decisions include:

  • Surface infrastructure will be located on land owned by Hume Coal;
  • Tree planting has commenced, this will provide natural screening in key locations; and
  • Unwanted waste rock (known as reject material) will be returned underground rather than stockpiled on the surface

A range of other mitigation measures will be incorporated into the project during construction and operations to minimise visual impacts.

The project has finalised the comprehensive visual impact assessment, which is included in the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS).