Air Quality

The team at Hume Coal are committed to protecting our environment. This means we’ve gone to extraordinary lengths to protect our environment and preserve what makes this place special.

In order to minimise the generation of dust, the Hume Coal team have incorporated a range of industry-leading features into the mine infrastructure design and operating plans:

  • Unwanted waste rock (known as reject material) will be returned underground rather than being stored permanently in surface dumps;
  • Stacker-reclaimer equipment will be used to stockpile coal, rather than bulldozers which are dustier and noisier;
  • We’ll use state-of-the-art technology to suppress dust on stored coal including real-time wind-monitoring and weather forecasts;
  • Our stockpiles have been oriented to minimise impact from prevailing winds;
  • Our rail wagons will be covered (an Australian coal mining first); and
  • All our conveyor transfer points, the coal preparation plant and rail loading facility will be enclosed to minimise potential for dust emissions.
1405-DF TEOM™ Continuous Dichotomous Ambient Air Monitor

1405-DF TEOM™ Continuous Dichotomous Ambient Air Monitor

The coal product stockpiles are located 3.8 kilometres from New Berrima, and 4.4 kilometres from Berrima town centre.

Extensive wind data, collected every 10 minutes over a number of years has been used to validate the model of the potential for dust from the proposed mine, including a weather station installed at the product stockpile site. A representative 12 month period of continuous wind and weather data has been included in the air quality modelling. All recorded wind speed conditions are incorporated, from calm conditions to greater than 100km/hr wind gusts, with predictions made under all conditions to assess maximum potential impacts on the surrounding are. Model predictions are made across a 15km2 area centred over the project, with predictions made at individual residences, schools and towns.

Once operations commence, air quality levels including particulate matter (dust) will be constantly monitored by Hume Coal and reported to the NSW government.

In the EIS (Environmental Impact Statement), Hume Coal demonstrates that the Project will meet or exceed the protections provided by law, including assessment criteria of the NSW Environment Protection Authority and the National Environmental Protection Council.