Aims & Principles

The aim of the Hume Coal Project is to establish and operate a world-class, high-tech, underground coal mining facility that is environmentally, economically and socially sustainable. The project will be extracting metallurgical coal, essential for steel making, and industrial coal.

To fulfil this mission, and in the preparation of the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), the Hume Coal Project is committed to the following principles:


  • Hume Coal will protect and store water flowing from the mine and surface infrastructure, and use it for various mining processes
  • Hume Coal will demonstrate that mining activities will have a neutral or beneficial effect on water quality during exploration, production and rehabilitation
  • Hume Coal will ensure that mining activities do not impact on human health in accordance with the objective of WaterNSW and Australian Drinking Water Guidelines
  • Hume Coal will protect the integrity of water supply infrastructure under the control of Water NSW and the Wingecarribee Council

Air Quality

  • Hume Coal will demonstrate that the project will meet or exceed the protections, including assessment criteria of the NSW Environment Protection Authority and the National Environmental Protection Council
  • Hume Coal will demonstrate that mining activities, and transport of coal, will not have an adverse impact on the air quality and health of local communities and its workforce

Local Economy

  • Hume Coal will demonstrate that mining activities and transport of coal will have no adverse impact on existing agriculture, or other businesses, and will continue to improve agricultural productivity and management of land owned by the Hume Coal Project and assist neighbouring landowners where practicable
  • Hume Coal will demonstrate that the economy of the Southern Highlands and surrounding areas will receive a net economic benefit from the Hume Coal Project, where possible, by:
    • Engaging and training local people in operations;
    • Sourcing local goods and services, wherever possible, and assisting local suppliers in tendering;
    • Building the skills of local students and apprentices in advance so they can participate in the Hume Coal Project;
    • Engaging local secondary and tertiary education institutions to improve career prospects for local people and those expressing employment interest in the Hume Project; and
    • Hume Coal will demonstrate that the project will have no adverse impact on the local tourism industry and how co-existence of mining and tourism is a net benefit to the region