Battle for Berrima threatens jobs from Lithgow to the Southern Tablelands

05 April 2018

Media Release

Once again the anti-coal action group Battle for Berrima is pressuring parliamentarians to interfere in the independent planning process in New South Wales.

The most recent petition by the action group not only threatens real jobs and businesses in our local community, but all those who rely on mining and the extractive industries from Lithgow to Goulburn.

Hume Coal Project Director Greig Duncan said the group is up to its old tricks, making unsubstantiated claims regarding the water impacts of the proposed Hume Coal project to generate fear and worry among the wider community.

“As part of the Environmental Impact Statement and Response to Submissions process Hume Coal undertook comprehensive groundwater modelling and analysis to achieve an in-depth understanding of the region’s groundwater.

“Hume Coal recognizes the importance of the groundwater system for local landowners and businesses, and as such has designed a low-impact underground mine which protects the integrity of the overlying strata and ensures long term sustainability of the local groundwater system.”

Mr Duncan highlighted that the State Government has an independent planning process in place for the assessment of developments such as the Hume Coal project.

“Petitions distributed by local activist groups and debated in parliament hinder the effectiveness of the independent process, while generating unnecessary fear and threatening real jobs in our local community.”

The Hume Coal Project has been designed to integrate into the existing environment while creating 300 full time jobs and will support the hundreds of local businesses and organisations which support and service the region’s mining industry.

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