Anti-coal activists threaten hundreds of full time jobs in the Southern Highlands

In the coming weeks, a fear campaign will descend on the Southern Highlands, led by the anti-coal activist groups Lock the Gate and Battle for Berrima regarding alleged impacts of the Hume Coal project on local wildlife and the Sydney Drinking Water Catchment.

Hume Coal Project Director Greig Duncan said today that the community deserves the facts regarding the company’s proposal for a low impact underground mine, not emotionally charged and misleading claims by professional activist groups.

“The mining method has been developed to ensure no surface water losses from stream beds above the mine or elsewhere within the Sydney Water Catchment. We will use a non-caving mining method that will not crack or damage the overlying rock.

“Hume Coal has a shared interest in the sustainability of our local and regional water systems so that we, and our neighbours, can ensure the ongoing operation of local agricultural activities, as well as the safe and efficient execution of the underground mine.”

Furthermore, claims regarding impacts to the local wildlife, including the platypus, are nothing more than fear mongering designed to hoodwink the local community.

“Several years of comprehensive environmental assessments included surveys and observations on local wildlife which have been taken into account to ensure the design of the proposed mine prevents the contamination of local waterways and critical wildlife habitats.”

Mr Duncan emphasised that it is important that any discussions regarding the Hume Coal project be based on fact, to ensure decisions made by government and the community are in the best interest of the entire Southern Highlands community, not just a select few with specific anti-coal and anti-job agendas.

“The Hume Coal project will co-exist with the local agricultural, retail, tourism, hospitality and manufacturing industries of the Southern Highlands, as mining has done in the Southern Highlands for generations.”

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